What is Product Diversion?


Recently a number of my clients have been asking me about the professional hair care products that they see on the shelves of local stores such as Meijer, Target, and Walmart. Even drugstores like Rite Aid, C.V.S. and Walgreen’s have recently begun carrying these professional products. On the back of each product the line SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN PROFESSIONAL SALONS (or some variation of) is printed. So why are they now being sold outside of the salon? This is what the salon industry refers to as Diversion! Some of the major problems with products that have been diverted is that they are typically old, often they are unsafe, they tend to cost more, and occasionally they are not even the real thing! If you would like to know more about diversion, please click on the following links. If you have any further questions about diversion, don’t hesitate to ask me!




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