• Shari Freed Snyder ” Excellent work, fantastic personality to add to your friends list and spend time with every few weeks in her chair! Sometimes you don’t feel relaxed and peaceful when you leave your hair dressers, not so with Juleen! You will just want to go back for the great encouragement and conversation!
    about a month ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Amanda Augustine ” “Juleen was my last effort to find a hair stylist that I could trust. After several failed attempts at finding someone that “clicked” with me, Juleen gave me a great cut & style at an affordable price. She knew just what I wanted and took the time to produce wonderful results. Definitely worth the money and I recommend her to anyone looking for someone fresh!”
    about a month ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Breannon M ” Juleen always gives me beautiful color, and after more bad haircuts than I can count, she has been great at cutting my ridiculously thick hair. No more tears over bad cuts!
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Lindsay Scott
    Juleen is the ONLY person I trust with my hair! I recently moved to Florida in November and I refuse to get my hair colored by anyone else but her, this being said, the last time I had Juleen color my hair, we went back to my natural color so I wouldn’t have to get it done down here 🙂 The next time I get highlights won’t be until I cSee More
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Caitlynn Mowen” I am always happy with the way my hair turns out. Juleen has also given me great advise on what styles and colors work best for my hair, and has given me wonderful advise on styling it myself. I would definitely recommend her!
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Heather Goacher” I am a rather new client of Juleen’s but a long time friend. She has a great style all her own. She goes out of her way to help her clients. She has been helpful giving me tips and advice on my hair. I am honored to now have her do my hair. I would recommend her to anyone.
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Andrea Luter Beauman” Juleen has been cutting my hair since she first got into the business. She really listens to what I want and does a great job of helping me look younger than I am 😉 My married daughter goes to her too. My two high school age sons and college age daughter enjoy her services. AND last but not least – my husband gets his hair cut with Juleen. I totally recommend her!
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag
  • Kay Lancour” Juleen has been my stylist for years. She is now stylist for both of my daughters(19&10). I have really liked the different colors and styles we have tried. She is very good at coming up with a color that looks good and lasts.
    about 6 months ago ·  · Like · Flag

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