Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Many of you may have heard the latest news about the Brazilian Blowout on Good Morning America and so I wanted to make it clear that I am NOT performing the actual Brazilian Blowout treatment in my salon.  The products that I am using are the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Keratin Express, all three of which are classified as Brazilian Smoothing Treatments.  Brazilian Blowout is the familiar name brand and is like referring to all gelatin as Jello, or to any facial tissue as Kleenex.  At this point in time the official Brazilian Blowout is the only one that is being investigated by OSHA and the CDC.   Many people have asked me if I offer the BB and I tell them about the BKT and the KE services that I do offer, which are comparable in their results to the Brazilian Blowout, but they have a different chemical make-up.  I feel that it is now very important that I distance myself from the BB brand name and make it abundantly clear that I am using an entirely different product.  Most of the concern with the Brazilian Blowout is actually for the hairdressers themselves who are repeatedly exposed to the chemicals in the treatment.  I care about my health, and that of my clients and so I HAVE NOT, and WILL NOT be using the Brazilian Blowout on anyone at this time!


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