Wear More Color!



I read this blog by Cakie Belle recently and it really hit home for me.  My wardrobe consists of a whole lot of black, gray, and white. There is a slight smattering of color here and there, but it’s usually worn with something black, gray, or white over the top.  I totally agree with her that I feel slimmer in black, and slimming is definitely something I need right now, but I also believe that she’s right about hiding behind my black!  Bright colors, or patterns draw attention to myself, and things about myself that I don’t want people noticing!  I really liked this line from the blog:

“The truth is, black isn’t as flattering as many of us think. It is very harsh against most skin tones and can make us look washed out and drawn. Black is also pretty damn boring! There is a world of fantastic colour out there, with something to suit every eye colour, hair colour and skin tone, so do yourself a favour and go explore it!”

BTW, for those who don’t already know the show Trinny & Susannah is the British version of What Not To Wear.


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