The Styling Station (I NEED THIS!)

This is so ridiculously awesome!  I need one for my home and one for my salon.  It’s so classy looking, and yet so functional, with places to store all of your styling tools and plug them in as well.  What a great invention!  This product is not yet available but there is a link at the bottom where you can sign up to be notified when you will be able to purchase it.  I’m getting one asap, how about you?
The Styling Station™ by Marcy McKenna
The first winning product on “Homemade Millionaire” to be sold exclusively on HSN soon

An electrical hair care cabinet that allows you to use your hair appliances from the same place that you store them.

Gone are the days of unsightly cords, hair dryers, curling irons and other electrical appliances cluttering bathroom counters, tucked into towel bars and occupying valuable drawer and cabinet space. With The Styling Station™ all of your electrical appliances are housed neatly inside an attractive wall-mounted fireproof cabinet. And because all the cords are organized into separate compartments and plug conveniently into one built-in power cord that can be turned off with the switch of a button, there’s no longer a need to unplug styling tools, wait for them to cool off and then wrap them up before shoving them into drawers and cabinets. Instead, fit them neatly into their mounting devices, close the cabinet door, the built-in timer ensures they’re automatically turned off and you’re out the door. The design versatility allows for use for both men and women as it can be used with other appliances as well, such as an electric toothbrush, electric razor, hair trimmer or Ipod docking station.
The Styling Station™ is in production and will be available on HSN very soon.

Click here to be notified when The Styling Station™ is available on HSN.


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