Stop Apologizing by I’m an Organizing Junkie


This is a great article and I think it applies to how we feel and talk about ourselves (looks, skills, talents, etc.) as well.  Instead of acknowledging the good and beautiful things about ourselves, we make apologies for the negatives.  Like when someone gives  a compliment, and instead of accepting we have to qualify what they’ve said.  For example, someone complimented my hair today and instead of saying “Thank you!”, I tipped my head down and spread my part and said “Look at my roots, look at all this gray!  My hair desperately needs color!”  She never would have noticed if I hadn’t drawn her attention to it!  I really like the little challenge at the end of this post, and am going to take up the challenge and turn my negativity into something beautiful!

Stop Apologizing

from I’m an Organizing Junkie by Laura  

The other day I was reading a beautiful blog post and the writer was giving us a tour of her living room and her pretty Christmas decorations.  It really was lovely.  But then in a blink of an eye it happened.

She apologized.

For her table.

Her table that she thought was ugly.

I hadn’t even noticed the table.

Until of course she pointed it out.

And then I was just sad.

Because the beautiful moment had disappeared.


Just like that.

Click the following link for the rest of this article:  Stop Apologizing is a post from: I’m an Organizing Junkie

One thought on “Stop Apologizing by I’m an Organizing Junkie

  1. Hello, thanks so much for talking about my article…I appreciate it. I just ask that you not include the full post on your blog, please only include an excerpt on your site and then link back to my site for the rest. Thanks!

    Laura (org junkie)

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