Streekers Review


One of my favorite beauty blogs, dBeauty Junkie, recently reviewed a temporary hair color called Streekers and I was lucky enough to receive some samples from her to try out on my own hair!  I ended up testing it on several people in the salon and we had a lot of fun playing with it.  Everyone loved the results and several of my co-workers immediately got online and ordered their own! The applicator was a soft, spongy tip (rather than a mascara wand like I’ve seen on similar products) and allowed me to easily paint the product in streaks throughout the hair.  I would recommend using gloves during application as it may slightly stain your hands.  Just a warning, some hair types may require more than one washing to remove the color entirely.  My only complaint was that the colors were not quite what I expected.  The Purple was a little more like a Bright Pink, and the Ultraviolet was what I would expect the Purple to be.  But on the positive side, I already have purple peek-a-boo panels in my hair and was in desperate need of a touch-up on my faded ends, and the Ultraviolet was a perfect match allowing me a little extra time before getting my hair colored!

(Kim Larner, Owner & Stylist at Changes Hair Design)


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