Hope For The New Year by Kandee Johnson


10 things to help make your new year bright:

1. Leave the hurts of 2010 where they belong… in 2010!

2. Make this year the year you make some goals – goals are dreams with deadlines!

3. Dare to be different in everything you do!

4. Encourage, compliment or say something kind to everyone you talk to.

5. Live like a leader… not a follower.

6. Stop avoiding confrontation – take control of your life and deal with all things you want to change and the ways that people treat you.

7. Make a change – in anything, relationships, your hair, career, friends.

8. Only have friends that make you a better person… some negative, rude, depressing friends, thay make you feel bad… may need to stay in 2010! (ha ha ha)

9. Dare to live life and make choices even if your not promised the outcome. (people who have changed the world or accomplished great things…did things without knowing if it would work or not!)

10. Expect greatness, seek happiness, and don’t let any circumstance, person, or situation steal your joy. You are the owner of your happiness…don’t just let any ol’ thing or person take it from you!

Click the following link for the rest of this article: Hope For The New Year (http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/2011/01/hope-for-new-year.html) by Kandee Johnson (http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/)


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