Wardrobe Update – Resolution


One of my New Years Resolutions is to eliminate clutter from my home and life.  An area of my house that could really use some serious de-cluttering is my closet.

I came across this little tip from Oprah on how to pare down your wardrobe and keep you closet up to date.  Each season, start with all of your seasonally appropriate clothes/hangers facing in one direction, then after you’ve worn an item begin hanging it facing the opposite way.  Anything left facing the original direction at the end of the season is something you might want to consider donating or selling.  This is a great visual for keeping track of what you do and do not wear!

I look forward to putting this to use!  I will work on psyching myself up to posting a picture(s) of my embarrassingly crammed walk-in closet soon and then will post another photo at the end of the season after the big purge!


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