How To Repair Broken Eyeshadow/Blush/Powder


I HEART the blog Petite Elefant, it addresses a variety of themes such as crafts, fashion, beauty, etc.  One of my favorite things on it are the tutorial videos that Allison posts.  one particular post covers a subject I hope you will find very useful, AND she learned it all from Kandee Johnson, one of my favorite makeup artists whose tutorials I have posted here several times.  Who hasn’t bought a new eyeshadow and immediately dropped and broke it?  Here are some great techniques for repairing and salvaging the makeup!  This should also work for any other type of powdered makeup as well.

Watch the following video from Kandee for visual instructions on:

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadows

And then click on the following link for helpful step by step instructions from Allision at Petite Elefant:

How To: Repair A Shattered Eyeshadow

(Petite Elefant is also the blog from which I won the portraits a few weeks ago, which I will be posting as soon as I receive them)

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