That’s Incredible!


The Incredible Bra by Victoria’s Secret

Bras are definitely the bane of my existence, although a VERY necessary evil.  I hate bra shopping!  Because I wear a larger size, I always struggle to find something that fits properly and holds everything in the place.  Every time I need a new bra I swear I’m not going to spend the big bucks a Victoria’s Secret, and I end up getting one elsewhere that ultimately makes me miserable.  I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that Vicky will always be a dear friend.  Thankfully, my husband is as supportive as a good bra of that relationship!

The most recent bra I’ve purchased there is The Incredible.  It is everything I could ever want in a bra!  It comes in three different styles; The Push Up Bra, The Racerback Bra, and The Demi Bra, and a variety of colors.   My personal favorite is the Demi and I have it in both Black and Nude.  One of the features I LOVE about it are the straps that are strictly elastic with no adjusters.  There is just enough stretch to allow for comfortable movement, but you don’t constantly have to adjust them back to the right place.  Another wonderful thing is the underwire.  It is super padded around the wire so you barely feel the pressure of it on your ribcage, and it seems highly unlikely that the wire would ever poke through.  The back of the bra is absolutely fantastic.  It lays incredibly smooth and helps to eliminate visible back fat!  The hook/clasp area is extremely flat so it doesn’t create much of a bulge in the middle of your back.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bra!

If you’re in the market for a new bra, then stop by the nearest Victoria’s Secret and try on an Incredible!  Even if you’re NOT in the market, I suggest you stop in and give it a try.  This Incredible Bra might just change your mind!


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