Tips for Your Next Haircut from House of Order


I found this great article on how to prepare for your next haircut!  This is great information, and should be helpful for both yourself in receiving the best haircut  AND your stylist (hopefully ME) in providing it!

Tips for Your Next Haircut

“…I believe each woman should become an expert on her own hair. I do not necessarily advocate taking the scissors into your own hands, but merely suggest that each person — not her stylist — is ultimately responsible for how she looks. You have a vested interest in looking nice and in wearing your hair in ways that are authentically you. This means some fashions may not work for your hair, no matter who else wears them. Because none of us has an experienced stylist following us around for six or seven decades to keep up with our hair’s texture, our changing lifestyles, or the natural changes that happen as a person matures, we must thoughtfully manage for ourselves. Your hair is a resource for effective communication, and its maintenance influences how you feel about yourself as well as your use of other resources, such as time, sociality, and finances. Managing your hair well frees you to better manage other aspects of your life…”

Click the following link for the rest of the article: Tips for Your Next Haircut from House of Order

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