Beauty from the Inside Out – Guest Post by Cricket Lott


My first guest blogger is my friend Cricket Lott.  She is passionate about being healthy and natural!  A few weeks ago I was a guest in her home and she served a raw foods cheesecake.  It was delicious!  She stunned me when she informed me that it was made almost entirely of NUTS!  No dairy, no CHEESE, no CAKE!  It tasted Just Like Cheesecake.  Even crazier is the fact that I ate two whole pieces of it, and I DON’T LIKE NUTS!!!

Remember when your Mom used to tell you beauty is only skin deep?  Or true beauty comes from the inside?  Well she was more right than you knew.  True beauty really starts with what you put in your mouth.  If you are putting junk food, pop and sugary snacks in your mouth your skin and your mood are going to show it.  When you feed your body fresh, raw and wholesome food your skin begins to glow.  Your skin is the largest organ of elimination and all the junk has to go somewhere.  And what do you think it chooses?  Of course, the most visible skin possible right there on your face.  I challenge you to an experiment for one week.  You can stand anything for one week can’t you?  Drink more pure water, ditch the soda and artificial sweeteners, avoid the chips, cookies, ice cream and cake.  After one week ask your mirror what it thinks.  What do you eat in place of all that?  Fruit, ripe sweet and juicy.  Lots of greens.  Make a green smoothie and drink one every day. Eat more fresh veggies (leave out the ranch dip)  maybe pick up some hummus for dip.  Make a beautiful salad and enjoy it slowly and purposefully.  You will start to feel better and look better too.  Avoid animal foods.  If that is a challenge for you, just cut down to only 1 meal a day containing meat, eggs or cheese.  Yes, it can be done lots of people do it every day.  My desire is to start you on a lifelong quest for beauty from the inside out.

Cricket Lott (lots of raw food recipes there)

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