What Is True Beauty?


 As someone who works in the beauty industry, I often have to remind myself that there is more to me (and others) than what is on the outside (whether you consider that to be beautiful, or not).  It is so hard not to overemphasize the importance of external beauty, because we are bombarded by it constantly in media and it’s maddening to see the extremes that the media has gone to give women the false perception of beauty.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this video specifically, and the issue in general!


2 thoughts on “What Is True Beauty?

  1. Katie

    Thanks for sharing this!!! I feel very strongly about what she was saying, I have been a long time advocate against pornographic material for the same reasons. These images destroy women and really destroy all people because it becomes ‘ok’ to view women that way. we aren’t valued for our thoughts or actions-we are only objects and it is so scary. I am really thankful sometimes that I had a son instead of a daughter because I couldn’t stand by and watch her hate herself and her body because of the media and these ideals of women.

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