The Deregulation of Barbers and Hair Stylists


Representative Tom McMillian has proposed the deregulation of Barbers and Hair Stylists in Michigan, meaning they would no longer be required to have any formal training or state licensing in order to work in a salon or perform services on clients. I believe this is both dangerous for the consumer, and is damaging to the industry as a whole and those who are currently working in it!

As a trained and licensed cosmetologist, I have no regrets about the time and money I invested in my education.  I would not be the stylist I am today if not for it.  It is no different from any other career that takes time and money in order to receive a degree or a license.  If anything, it already takes less time and money to receive a Barber/Cosmetology license than most other degrees or licenses.

Not only are there health and safety concerns with untrained, unregulated people performing services, it also belittles those of us who have made the investment of our time and finances to learn the necessary skills to perform our jobs safely and accurately.  Removing the need for training and licensing means that anyone and everyone could become a barber/stylist and potentially oversaturate the market.

Would you go to a salon and risk seeing a barber/stylist who may not have the proper skills to perform the service, or have the proper knowledge of safety and sanitation to perform the service without causing injury or spreading germs/disease?


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