Early Arrival!


Due to high blood pressure and signs of pre-eclampsia the doctors have decided to induce me next Tuesday. The baby will be just over 37 weeks which is considered full term, and they estimate that she is already 6.5 lbs!

For those of you who have an appointment for later this week, if you haven’t already heard otherwise from me, plan to come at your scheduled time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to schedule any more new appointments for this week.

Any appointments that have been scheduled for the next week and beyond will have to be rescheduled once I have a better idea of the new time frame for my maternity leave. I hope to contact each of you in the next week to take care of rescheduling you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I will be sure to update you all with details asap! Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and support!

Have You Heard The BIG News?


Hopefully most of you already know this, but it has recently been brought to my attention that I never made an official announcement of my pregnancy! Apparently a few of you haven’t been noticing the growing belly that must somehow be extremely well hidden under my cape! 

I am currently 31.5 weeks pregnant!  We are looking forward to the arrival of our baby girl (no name yet) on or around February 10th.

Because of this BIG event coming up in my life, I am encouraging that all of my clients begin scheduling any appointments that they may need between now and then!  

As I get closer to my due date, I am becoming limited in the number of hours I am able to spend on my feet. With the Holidays coming up just a few weeks from now, and my due date less than 6 weeks after the New Year, my availability is becoming limited.  Please get your appointments scheduled asap as I may not be able to accommodate your last minute requests.

It is my intention to only take off a few weeks of work after the baby is born, but things don’t always go as planned, so right now I’m just playing it by ear.  I will keep you all updated as to when the baby arrives and when I will begin scheduling appointments again afterward.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience with me over the next few months!  I appreciate your business and will do my very best to accommodate each and every one of you as much as I am able during this time!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The Deregulation of Barbers and Hair Stylists



Representative Tom McMillian has proposed the deregulation of Barbers and Hair Stylists in Michigan, meaning they would no longer be required to have any formal training or state licensing in order to work in a salon or perform services on clients. I believe this is both dangerous for the consumer, and is damaging to the industry as a whole and those who are currently working in it!

As a trained and licensed cosmetologist, I have no regrets about the time and money I invested in my education.  I would not be the stylist I am today if not for it.  It is no different from any other career that takes time and money in order to receive a degree or a license.  If anything, it already takes less time and money to receive a Barber/Cosmetology license than most other degrees or licenses.

Not only are there health and safety concerns with untrained, unregulated people performing services, it also belittles those of us who have made the investment of our time and finances to learn the necessary skills to perform our jobs safely and accurately.  Removing the need for training and licensing means that anyone and everyone could become a barber/stylist and potentially oversaturate the market.

Would you go to a salon and risk seeing a barber/stylist who may not have the proper skills to perform the service, or have the proper knowledge of safety and sanitation to perform the service without causing injury or spreading germs/disease?

Your Private Oasis



A place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble or difficulty

At Salon Juleen, it’s all about YOU!  My attention is for you alone, and there are no other stylist or clients around to distract or disturb you from YOUR personal time.  You can say or do whatever you want, without worrying about who else might hear or see.  We can have a private conversation, or you can relax in complete silence.  You can even select the music you will hear, or have none at all.  You alone determine what kind of experience you will have, and it can vary with each appointment.  If you’re looking for a place where you can get away from the everyday stresses of life, to relax and be pampered, check out Salon Juleen where it’s all about YOU!

Your Personalized Style


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At Salon Juleen you will receive very personalized, individual attention.  You will receive an extensive consultation at the beginning of your appointment to determine your specific needs and preferences, and you will go home with a style tailored specifically for your face structure, hair type, and lifestyle!  If you’re looking for a stylist who will listen to what you want, will design a style just for you, and will send you home knowing what tools and products are necessary to recreate the look, then call 517-896-6814 and schedule an appointment with Juleen Kenney at Salon Juleen!



I really hate when in hind sight I wish I’d taken before pictures, because I seriously worked some magic tonight!  While grocery shopping I received a frantic phone call from a family member whose girlfriend (whom I’ve never met) had a major color disaster.  She had highlighted blonde hair and had asked her stylist to give her some chocolatey brown lowlights but was instead sent home with dark burgundy/purple hair with pink streaks.  Her stylist wouldn’t fix it until next week and she was DESPERATE!

I tend to be very cautious about re-coloring hair immediately after it’s just been colored because hair tends to be in a pretty fragile state for about 48 hours after coloring, so I usually recommend that clients just wash their hair several times with a strong clarifying shampoo to see if that helps before taking more extreme measures.  Unfortunately in her case, washing it was just causing the dark burgundy to bleed into the blonde causing it to be more pink.

I decided to try putting a Malibu treatment (a deep cleansing treatment used most often to remove product/chemical buildup, or discoloration from chlorine or hard water) all over her hair, put a plastic cap on it and set her under a hood dryer for about 20 minutes.  My hope was that the pink would be removed from the highlights, and the burgundy would be toned down a little bit.  I figured I would probably have to then put an all over color on to even out the colors and tone everything down.  But as luck would have it, the end result was way more than I could have ever hoped for.  As I rinsed out the Malibu, I could already see that the highlights were a perfect shade of blonde and I didn’t see even the slightest hint of pink or purple anywhere.  Instead, it was a very rich, warm brown!  Just like she was looking for!  No color or toning needed!

Things like this are what really make me love my job!  Looks like I have another brand new client this week!